PARK 100

SUTIVAN klimaticka stanice pro zimu i leto
Dotazy odpovi Dr. Ante Mikolasek, obecni lékař

„Sutivan- Climatic station for winter- and summertime. Requests are answered by Dr. Ante Mikolasek, public doctor“
This is a small inscription on the postcards, that were published by Dr. Mikolasek in order to promote Sutivan. As a doctor he appriciated the special clima on the island and his dream- to build a sanatorium “Climatic Station“ is until today connected with his name, by locals, who remember him. One of his initiatives was also the founding of the public park- it was the first public park on whole Brac- accessible for all. On one of the postcards you can see the freshly planted trees.
To celebrate the anniversary of the park may support contemporary ideas, how to- besides the chidren's corner and the honorable, but sad memorial for the victims of the wars- carry a new atmosphere, new iniciatives. Maybe even to expand with more space and live.
The celebration of the park's founding will take place this friday, 27th of june at 20h.
Bohdan Mikolasek, Dr. Mikolasek's grandson composed a completely new song about the park. Important Persons, like the mayor of Sutivan, the president of Czech  contrymen in Croatia, the ambassador of Czech Republic and a Czech Television crew.

Doctor Antonin's Chessboard

While thinking about the form, how to rember the hundred years anniversary of the park's founding, the first idea was a know gesture: to donate a  stone seat with an incription. Considering his modesty it wouldn't had been his wish to engrave his name to a monument.  A more quite form is still planed: to build a stone relief, based on the postcard with the first trees of the park and his name just mentioned in that inscription right top about the climatiac station.
To keep Dr. Antonin present already during these celebrations, his great-granddaughter Adriana Mikolaskova designed an object based on a photography, where Dr. Antonin- absourbed in thought -  playing chess with his wife Mathilde. You can take a seat with him... and in mind a party.
Yes, the wolrd is a little bit bigger than a small chessboard. And Sutivan is not a big city. Let's learn from him to move right the stones ...even at small places.

The station

Art installation
Electroacoustic interacitve project about the weather and music
Bohdan Mikolasek, born 1948 in Prague, electrical engeneer and music composer, in Czech Republic best known as songwriter, forbidden by the regime, in 1982 he got political asylum in Switzerland.
Grandson of Dr. Antonin Mikolasek, public doctor in Sutivan during 1908-1923 (with interruptions).
Son of ThDr. Adrian Mikolasek, which was born in Sutivan.
Tracing this traditions Bohdan Mikolasek found his place 15 years ago in Sutivan- not only an old stone house, but also new initiatives and projects.
The art project- Climatic Station- is an installation, that on only reads data about the weather, but also offers the transfer to music and sound. Sound, Music and Songs are very ofthen inspired by the weather.
The weather we see and feel around us, the weather that tells us the internet. At this climatic station you can choose your weather yourself...choose sunny weather and G.Harisson will sing you „Here comes the sun“...
The climatic station also registers movements from three sides and annouces its life with sounds- water...wind...nature...
The content and functions of this station is in ongoing is an experiment...with You...try!